Latest Policy Brief

V4 Energy Think Tank Platform

With the aim of strengthening cooperation among the think tanks of the Visegrad countries in the field of energy, as well as promoting dialogue between the academic sector and decision-makers in this area, REKK (HU) as coordinator, along with SFPA (SK) ...

Beyond Gas Beyond 2020Energy security issues in the V4 after 2020 project

The aim of the project is to elaborate an initial assessment of a new security of supply concept and its application on the V4 region (with a possibility of extending it to neighbouring countries) in the post 2020 period. This period is selected on ...

South East Europe Electricity Roadmap - SEERMAP

The SEERMAP project focuses on two crucial policy areas in the electricity sector of the West Balkan region concerning its long term energy development and decarbonisation path. One area is the potential of long term renewable deployment in the target ...