18 of February, 2020

Power-to-Gas technologies and their relevance to the energy sector

16.00-18.30 REKK Energy Futures VII.

The REKK Power-To-Gas Forum aims at disseminating the latest results of the P2G technology. We discuss the types of the P2G technologies and their potential usage. The event will focus on the P2G technologies with methanation (Power-To-Methane).

21 of October, 2019

Michael Hogan seminar on the UK’s August 9 blackout: Why did it happen and what can we learn?

16.30-18.30. REKK Energy Futures VI.

REKK Energy Futures VI. Michael Hogan seminar on the UK’s August 9 blackout: Why did it happen and what can we learn?

25 of June, 2019

AURES II Budapest Regional Workshop

25th June

The aim of the workshop is to discuss the prerequisites of successful renewable electricity auctions.

3 of April, 2019

The Future of Public Transport - REKK Energy Futures

REKK Energy Futures V.

The fifth REKK Energy Futures will deal with the Future of Public Transport.

11 of December, 2018

REKK Demand-Side-Management Day

REKK Energy Futures IV.

At the forth event of our series covering “energy transition”, we discuss the best practice of demand side response.

Carbon prices are incresing - Will this accerelate energy transition?

The aim of the paper is to analyse the effects of the new ETS regulation on the carbon price and the wholesale electricity prices.

14 of September, 2018

Beyond Gas Workshop in Budapest

The aim of the Beyond Gas project is to elaborate an initial assessment of a new security of supply concept and its application on the V4 region in the post 2020 period.

Challenges and opportunities for Ukraine gas market integration

Policy brief summarizes the main conclusions of the CSEEPF. Participants agreed that Ukraine is at a crossroads in the energy sector. The future of the sector is strongly correlated with the political future of the country.

Constant threat but limited actions

The Effect of the US Sanctions on the Central and Eastern European Energy Sector

The US sanction bill enacted in 2017 targets Russian energy export projects, and creates significant risk for any person or company seeking to do business with designated Russian person or in Russian frontier energy projects. The new REKK Policy Brief ...

Twin peaks?

The high summer HUPX prices and the potential price effects of higher PV penetration in Hungary

For the second time this year after January’s wholesale electricity prices rose to unexpected heights they did so again in late July/early August when hourly day ahead prices went up above 100 €/MWh many times in the most critical week, while German ...

Highlighted analysis

South East Europe Electricity Roadmap - SEERMAP

The SEERMAP project focuses on two crucial policy areas in the electricity sector of the West Balkan region concerning its long term energy development and decarbonisation path. One area is the potential of long term renewable deployment in the target countries. The other is infrastructure, with a focus on the necessary transmission network developments. These areas will be examined in detail with the application of state of the art energy sector models of the participating consortia partners (electricity ...

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