Analysis of the changing regulatory landscape of household self-consumption

Uploaded: 1 of July, 2024

Self-consumption of solar energy will play an important role in achieving the European Union’s net-zero target by involving consumers, increasing renewable deployment, providing additional sites for installations, mobilising new financial resources, and encouraging consumers’ participation in providing flexibility to the system. Its benefits have become even more pronounced in the context of the energy crisis, as self-consumption can make an important contribution to the EU's efforts to achieve energy independence.

The aim of the project was to analyze recent changes in self-consumption schemes in ten selected EU Member States and assess how they can stimulate households to invest in small-scale renewable energy generation (mainly solar PV) and to become active participants of the electricity market. We also looked at Energy Community Contracting Parties that are in the process of preparing their National Energy and Climate Plans and transposing EU legislation on electricity and renewable energy.

On May 10, 2024 we organised an online workshop to discuss the topic with invited experts. The recording and presentations are available here.

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