Policy Brief

What to do about the Croatian LNG?

Published: 4 of May, 2018

Although the preparation work for the commissioning of the LNG terminal by the island of Krk has been ongoing for more than decade, during the course of which there have been several modifications, the prospect of the project’s realisation is questionable. The preliminary results of the binding open season this spring, talk about very low level (four percentage) of binding capacity reservation. This is not enough to take a final investment decision despite the 30% non-refundable EU
grant from the Connecting Europe Facility. It seems that the market did not have interest and/or could not take advantage of the opportunity under the offered conditions. The policy brief considers passed year’s events that led to the current status of the project, the main obstacles detected, and the lessons learned. It seems that the momentum for the project to fly has been missed.

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