Policy Brief

Quick and dirty? Evaluating short-term gas demand reduction potential in Europe

Megjelent: 2022. április 7.

Our previous policy brief (REKK 01/2022) examined supply side options to substitute for Russian gas, finding short-term alternative pipeline sources to be maximized and additional LNG volumes limited. An additional 500 TWh/year (~50 bcm/year) of EU LNG capacity is available this year, but at a very high cost given global market dynamics. Additionally, EU needs to consume around 1000 TWh/year less gas as supply Russian supplies can not be replaced in all countries. Even with lower consumption, cost of suppling European consumers would increase by EUR 100 billion. This leaves 1000 TWh/year (~100 bcm/year) to a combination of demand reduction, energy efficiency and fuel switching that are explored in this issue brief. The analysis will estimate the country-level figures for short-term demand reduction by applying a top-down methodology using historical consumption statistics.

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