Latest hydrogen research in Denmark and Hungary

16:00 - 18:00 CET, REKK Energy Futures

27 of February, - Corvinus University of Budapest, 1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 8.

Denmark has ambitious plans to replace its traditional oil-based economy with a hydrogen-based economy. It wants to be a pioneer in the field of green hydrogen, using wind and solar energy to produce hydrogen and hydrogen-based products. The Danish Gas Technology Centre (DGC), a consultancy and research and development company owned by gas supplier Evida, has extensive research activities in the field of hydrogen use. Béla Sebők, project manager at DGC, is mainly involved in future Danish hydrogen infrastructure systems, such as the feeding of hydrogen into natural gas pipelines. We invited Béla Sebők to talk to students from Corvinus University and professionals from the Hungarian energy sector about the key issues related to the development of the hydrogen economy and DGC's latest research projects as part of REKK's Energy Futures event series.

The language of the workshop was Hungarian. More information is available here.

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