2050 Green Ambitions: How to realize "Fit for 55" goals under the war in Ukraine?

V4 Energy Think Tank Platform, 10:00 - 12:30 CET

13 of April, 2022 - online event

Achieving green ambitions for 2050 is threatened by the war in Ukraine, which poses both financial and energy challenges.

The workshop discussed two aspects of this dilemma:

1) The speakers presented recent research results about the effects of the \'Fit for 55\' package and the proposed CBAM mechanism on the Visegrad Region, and an outlook for RES auctions in the region. The research were conducted by Czech, Slovakian and Polish experts under the V4 Energy Think Tank Platform.

2) We discussed how the climate goals might be endangered and accelerated by the war in Ukraine at the same time. The invited experts presented the arguments for accelerating green investment (natural gas replacement) and the arguments for re-using existing infrastructure elements (postponing the decommissioning of coal-fired power plants, extending the life of nuclear power plants).

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Slovak Foreign Policy Association
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