V4 Energy Workshop on the National Energy and Climate Plans

31 of January, - Budapest

By January 2020 all V4 countries will finalize their National Energy and Climate Plans which contain the official targets related to Energy Efficiency gains, GHG Emission reduction and Renewable Energy share for 2030. The aim of the workshop is to understand each other’s goals and exchanging experiences about the regulatory measures identified.

Besides getting familiar with the regional 2030 climate goals, the workshop will enable the participants to discuss the main focus areas of the NECPs and the decarbonisation plans of the electricity sectors.

The workshop will have a modelling methodology aspect as well, in case of each 2030 area (EE, RES, GHG emission), the methodology of calculating the cost-efficient support form will be presented and also the outlook for the 2050 climate plans will be presented.

The sessions are the following:

  • Targets, main focus areas and planned measures of the final NECPs
  • Modelling tools used for NECP planning (TIMES, PRIMES etc.) and the main challenges of the modelling
  • Decarbonisation of the electricity sector
  • Cooperation in energy innovation

The event is by invitation only.


Organized by

Slovak Foreign Policy Association
Association for International
Institut Jagiellonski