Modelling and energy policy analyis of the Romanian electricity market

Uploaded: 20 of June, 2024

The aim of the project was to model the Romanian electricity market until 2040. The analysis examined how realistic the goal of decarbonization is for Romania by 2040 in the electricity market, and how realistic the objectives related to the electricity market outlined by the Romanian government in the NECP are.

During the project, we used the EPMM model to examine various scenarios for the Romanian electricity market. The main question of the analysis was whether the decarbonization of Romania's electricity market is achievable by 2040. To address this, we analyzed two main scenarios: one based on the baseline assumptions of the Romanian NECP, and the other assuming fewer gas plants but significantly more weather-dependent renewable power plants. Numerous sensitivity analyses were conducted, including factors such as carbon pricing, delays in the implementation of nuclear power plants, higher solar and battery penetration, and gas power plants operating on hydrogen. The analysis was a result of joint work with the Romanian Energy Policy Group (EPG).