BIOSCREEN CEE - Biomass Sustainability Criteria for Renewable Energy in Central and Eastern Europe

Uploaded: 8 of September, 2021

The project aims to promote policy actions in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania to ensure the sustainability of biomass-based energy production. To this end, the project will start by analysing the legislative environment and strategies in the three countries, both on the resource side (with a focus on the forestry sector) and on the energy use side. The country analyses will highlight the short and long-term threats to forest sustainability and make recommendations to policy makers. Our findings and recommendations can also help decision-makers in the revision of the National Energy and Climate Plans in 2023.

In the second half of the project, WWF offices in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary will investigate, through a sample of settlements, the potential opportunities at local level to increase the efficiency of firewood use and reduce air pollution from firewood use through awareness raising and technical interventions.

The project is supported by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI). Project partners are the Energy Agency of Plovdiv and the Bulgarian, Hungarian and Romanian WWF offices.

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