V4 Energy Think Tank Platform

Uploaded: 21 of November, 2018

With the aim of strengthening cooperation among the think tanks of the Visegrad countries in the field of energy, as well as promoting dialogue between the academic sector and decision-makers in this area, REKK (HU) as coordinator, along with SFPA (SK), the Instytut Jagielloński (PL) and AMO (CZ) as partners, have initiated the launching of the V4 Energy Think Tank Platform (V4ETTP) as a permanent think tank cooperation platform focusing on energy, operating from 2018.

V4ETTP is a platform – permanent network – of think tanks facilitating energy-related and policy-oriented research and analysis with a regional focus, building on its member institutions’ expertise in energy studies. V4ETTP aims at engaging in structured cooperation with the V4 governments’ representatives covering energy, energy diplomacy and climate and, for sake of the openness to the Central European region, also whenever justified and agreed by the members, involving representatives from third countries represented on think-tanks´ and governments´ levels.

The Platform deals with energy policy issues which are highly relevant in the region.

Within the framework of this cooperation the following topics have been analysed:


  • RES Transportation target: How to reach the missing % by 2020?
  • Visegrad Countries and the Future of Transit through Ukraine
  • Capacity Mechanism in the V4 Region
  • Interpretation of mandatory solidarity and related pricing issues based on the gas security of supply
  • State of the V4 Energy Sector Chapter: Effects of wholesale electricity market integration


  • RES - Regional challenges coming from the European Union’s and national climate policies
  • Safe nuclear and the V4 region
  • What is the way forward for the EU gas market? —V4 position to revise the post-2020 gas market directive
  • State of the V4 Energy Sector: Power system flexibility – a pivotal enabler of the renewable energy transition?


  • Green Recovery in the V4 region
  • 2050 Decarbonizaton Plans of the Visegrad Countries
  • The role of Power-to-Gas in the V4 region: The sector coupling as an enabler of energy storage
  • Coal phase-out in the V4 region


Project partners:

The V4 Energy Platform is operating thanks to the kind support of the International Visegrad Fund.


This platform is coordinated by REKK Foundation.